Glorious Living Homecare Agency

We are not just another agency. We are family owned and operated. Aiming to not just be another agency but to a family supplement. We do not see your loved ones as just clients but as an extension of our family. We aim to provide the loving care that your family deserves.

Marcia Roach, Owner, Senior Nurse

Marcia has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has spent most of those years providing care for the elderly in long term care facilities. She has been employed at different facilities which has allowed her to get the full grasp of the care provided to seniors in care.

Not only is Marcia an employed caregiver of the elderly but Marcia also has her 96 year old mother who is also in long term care. Marcia and other family members take the time to visit her mother on a weekly basis. This she believes has been a major reason that her mother’s life has been sustained. Marcia sees first hand the effects of not just care, but loving care and affection has on her mother and even other patients that she takes the time to help while visiting her mother.

Marcia knows and believes that no matter the age and abilities, people still need to know they are loved and thought of . They need to know that we still care.

If you or a family member needs help you to remain safely at home, contact us. Find out how we can care for you.

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